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Long Term Care


The Long Term Care Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital offers a home to all residents that require assisted living. The 38-bed facility provides care for level 3 and 4 nursing needs. The Long Term Care Unit also provides some respite services through referral. The staff strives to provide a comfortable and friendly place for patients to call home.

The Long Term Care unit provides many services for the residents.

Some include:

  • Physical care

  • Spiritual care

  • Recreational cervices: outings, events, teas, musical therapy

  • Meals and laundry

  • Medication delivery

  • Regular physician visits

  • Annual flu shots

The Long Term Care Unit values the residents and treats the unit as their home. The medical staff cares for them in a dignified matter and respects the patients as a whole person as they have the right to make their own decisions.

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