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The Endoscopy Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic services. This outpatient ward provides exploratory procedures using endoscopy.  These procedures involve the direct visual examination of any part of the inside of the body that can be reached through a natural orifice.


Procedures offered in this department include:

  • Gastroscopy

  • Colonoscopy

The Endoscopy Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital ensures best standards are followed. On average there are 250 Gastroscopy procedures and 520 Colonoscopy procedures performed every year.

Endoscopy procedures are used to detect inflamation and abnormal tissue. Our specially qualified physicians are able to identify cancerous growths after referred to us by the Provincial Coloractal Screening Department.

Procedure Preparation:

You will receive instructions about your procedure from your physician.

Please follow all instruction given to you by your physician especially fasting and/or bowel preparation (if applicable to your procedure).

Please take bowel preparation as prescribed. Do not substitute. If bowel preparation and/or fasting are not followed, your procedure may be delayed, rescheduled or cancelled.

Come prepared to stay two to four hours.

You may receive medications to relax you during your procedure. Following these medication you will be unable to drive and must have a responsible person to take you home.

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