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Executive Director:

Greg Hoffort

Local Council

Executive Committee
Mr. Don Kindopp, Chair

Emmanuel Care
Ms. Joan Pratchler

Community Representatives
Ms. Tanya Hlohovsky Andrist 

Mr. Brian Senchuk

City of Estevan
Ms. Becca Foord

Rural Municipality of Coalfields, No. 4
Mr. Richard Tessier

Rural Municipality of Estevan, No. 5
Mr. Kevin Daoust

Rural Municipality of Cambria, No. 6

Mr. Terry Malaryk

Rural Municipality of Browning No. 34
Mr. Pius Loustel

Rural Municipality of Benson, No. 35
Mr. Dwight Monteyne

Town of Bienfait
Ms. Shirley Wheeler

Town of Lampman
Ms. Diane Fornwald

Town of Midale
Mr. Armond Hauglum

St. Joseph’s Health-Care Auxiliary
Ms. Marlene Shurygalo

Emmanuel Health Board of Directors

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