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The Renal Dialysis Unit at the St. Joseph’s Hospital offers compassionate care for all patients undergoing dialysis treatment. Renal dialysis is one form of kidney replacement therapy, which removes waste form the blood by simulating natural kidney function. Dialysis prevents a build up of toxins that can be debilitating and ultimately fatal.  The development of the 9-station Renal Dialysis Unit at the hospital allows patients to be treated closer to home in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Treatment at the Renal Dialysis Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week with two sessions each day. Chronic Kidney Disease patients are referred and seen by the renal team on the dialysis unit to help identify risk factors and develop a plan with the patient to help slow the progression of kidney damage.

Nephrologists from Regina work closely with our team and are regularly available by Telehealth.

The medical staff in the dialysis department strives to ensure best medical practice and to make the treatments as comfortable for the patients as possible.

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